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By Colleen Recipes

Hearty Italian Beef Soup Recipe with Vegetables

Easy Hearty Beef Soup 


We love soups in the winter. They’re warming and filling and very satisfying on a chilly day. This soup is made super easy by using 44th St. Pot Roast. 


Cut the roast into bite-sized cubes & set aside along with the gravy. Chop a small onion & sauté until clear. Chop & add 2 carrots, 8 ounces of mushrooms & 2 medium potatoes cut into chunks. Add everything, including the beef and gravy into a large pot and add a carton of beef stock. Simmer until the carrots & potatoes are shot. Thicken with a small amount of cornstarch & water if desired. 


Serve with fresh bread & butter. Add a salad to complete the meal. 

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