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44TH Street

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Sweet & Sour Meatball Appetizer Recipe

Great to keep the wolf away while waiting for Turkey 


1 tablespoon garlic, minced 1 cup pineapple chunks ⅓ cup vinegar 1 cup bell pepper (red or green combined) 1 medium sized onion, quartered 1 cup water 3 tablespoons tomato ketchup ½ cup brown sugar ½ cup carrot, sliced 1 tablespoon cornstarch diluted in 3 tablespoons of water 8 tablespoons cooking oil

      Deep fry or Pan fry 44th Street Meatballs until golden brown.

When the oil is hot enough, sauté the garlic. Add the quartered onion, sliced carrot, and bell peppers then cook for 2 minutes. Add pineapple chunks and cook for 1 minute. Put-in the tomato ketchup, brown sugar, and vinegar then stir. Pour-in water and let boil. Add the cornstarch diluted in water and cook until desired thickness is reached. Turn off heat then ladle the sauce over the pan-fried meatballs. Serve hot with toothpicks. Share and enjoy!

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