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44TH Street

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By CookingAngel Recipes

Spicy Beef Chili Recipe

Fiery Angel Chili 


I use your 44th street Beef Pot Roast and put in in my food processor to shred it. Put it in a large dutch oven on the stove, then I add cooked, browned pork, lots of Chili flakes, onions sauteed, mushrooms, red and yellow peppers, Dark red kidney beans, chili powder and baked beans and simmer in a pot on the stove. I add canned tomatoes, tomato soup, and the magic of stewed tea brew to make this the tastiest, fiery, hot chili. For those who cant stand the heat adding some sour cream to the plate will cool your palette! Your beef is to die for, but the Cooking Angel makes it worth the trip to hot and back! 

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